Monday, 13 October 2008

Sew faster Bloom, sew faster!

The quilt top for my daughter's birthday is finished. Now I just need to quilt & bind it in 24 hours! Don't like my chances, but I've not conceded yet! Must pause though for a quick caffeine boost & a piece of this luscious chocolate & raspberry brownie (recipe here) made by my girls yesterday.  


  1. It's so delicious - the quilt & the morning tea! Keep going, you're a star :)
    Janelle xx

  2. Gorgeous quilt. I love the pattern and the colours. Your daughter is going to love it. Keep going, you'll finish it

    Thanks for the recipe idea.

  3. oh! it looks will finish it!! i have the same dinnerset *!!*...seeing it on your blog makes me want to get it out and use it...has been packed away for far too long!!
    lzilulu xox

  4. Oh Ros, It's just lovely. So glad you made the deadline and I'm sure you'll get the quilting finished by her birthday too. Crossing my fingers for you to help xx

  5. Beautiful quilt Bloom... I'm with you in the excitement! Go Bloom... GO GO GO!!!


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