Friday, 24 October 2008

Can you name this plant? Specimen #2

Genius points to my lovely friend Belinda who identified Specimen #1 as Iris Japonica or 'Poor Man's Orchid'. The leaves are so different to any other iris I have seen.  I wonder if she will know what this is: Small tree, lilac pea-like flowers, prolific seed pods dangling from the branches, heart-shaped leaves.
I confess I found one of these in flower in a nursery today, so now know what it is, but I will test to see how clever you all are anyway!


  1. The leaves remind me of one of the Cercis family. Possibly Cercis Canadensis. Also known as the Judas Tree. The leaves go a fabulous colour in the autumn.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Judas Tree - also comes in a white but rarer to find,


  3. Actually, here in the Midwest, we call that the Redbud tree.Heart shaped leves, tiny purplish pink buds are dead giveaway.
    Long, green pods dry like cigars as summer turns to fall.


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