Monday, 15 September 2008

Another weekend flies by

The only stitching done over the weekend for me was just one solitary little Dear Jane block ...
... and the smallest bit of progress on my version of Anni Downs' 'Tim's Things' quilt:
I could tell you a whole lot that I learnt about violas (the musical kind) or perhaps the theme of 'resilience' in the movie Stuart Little, having coaxed my 12-year-old through two more school assignments, but I think my time and yours would be spent much more productively by popping over to see these girls at Princess Martha. They both stitch & quilt the most divine things, so be sure to welcome these new kids to the (blogging) block. Have a great week, Bloom.


  1. That blue bike is adorable ... looking forward to seeing this quilt grow.

  2. Well Done!! One more Dear Jane block you dont have to make!! Love the little blue bike!! CAthyx

  3. Love your little blue bike.
    Hugs Mary.

  4. This is not only, every stitch counts.

  5. Nice Stitching & Love your Mosaic Maker looks Great.


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