Saturday, 27 September 2008

Fancy a virtual tour of one of Australia's loveliest quilt shops?

After a very busy last week of school, my Mum (who is visiting for a few days) and I treated ourselves to a visit to The Home Patch, owned by the lovely Anni Downs, designer of Hatched & Patched designs. Oh, what treasures lie beyond this little green door! Unfortunately, Anni was away in Tasmania doing a workshop & many of her most recent samples were travelling with her, but Margaret, who was taking care of the store for the day, generously gave me permission to take some photos to show you all. So enjoy the tour!
Beautiful quilts line the walls ...
... here ...
... there ...
... and everywhere!
Luscious fabrics at every turn ...
Tempting bundles of loveliness tied up with bows ...
Freshcut fat quarters ...
Felts in every colour imaginable ...
... and felt designs from Anni ...
Sweet dancing dollies ...
Some Hatched & Patched needlepunch originals
... and more samples of Anni's whimsical stitchery & applique designs ...
Overwhelmed with creative inspiration we dragged ourselves from this wonderful shop, returned home & started planning our next projects! What better way to spend the day?!


  1. This is like a fantasy, I would go crazy if I was able to visit a shop like that. There is something very special about Australian shops/designers/fabrics/patterns...

  2. What a lovely shop. Pity I don't live closer I think I would be in there all the time. Thanks for the tour.

  3. This is a lovely shop and I wish I one day could visit it. So please continue showing photos from it.

  4. What a beautiful shop to visit. Next time will you take me with you? Please.

  5. What a wonderful shop...thanks so much for sharing the lovely photos!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of this wonderful quilt shop ! I admire Anni's work so much ! Why is it so far from France ??!!!

  7. Oh my oh my goodness...this is what I call a SHOP!!! Thanks for showing it...I could have spent several hours in there...and a lot of money too... lol..

  8. Annies whop is just sooooooo pretty.......

  9. What a terrific and inspiring post!! While you were admiring her shop I was working on a project of hers in Tasmania at the Gathering that she was tutoring at!! It was a great day!! Cathyx

  10. Thanks for the great tour of the shop but we all want to know what did you buy?? or did you resist?? LOL

  11. Thanks for sharing the photos of Annies shop one day I might get to visit I hope, it looks wonderful and soooo inspiring.

  12. Oh I love that shop, it is my favourite, and these photos make me want to go back...and just maybe in these school holidays!

  13. Anni's shop is just gorgeous isn't it! I haven't been to her new one, she used to be in a different location when she first opened and it was TINY, but oh so FULL of beautiful things.
    It is such a treat to be able to visit places like this isn't it.
    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  14. Love that shop and excited about the fact that in the not to distant future I will not be far away from it!! Just far enough though to not be there all the time.

  15. Thanks for the tour of Anni's shop. Gorgeous photos. I was lucky enough to meet Anni when she was in Tasmania.


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