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Monday, 22 September 2008

C is for cherries, crochet & colour

Last week of school for us, & musical performance week. I have been helping with costume-making for the last two school terms and tomorrow is the big dress rehearsal, so most of my sewing time this week will be costume-driven. I will leave you with the creative goodness of others:1. Blanket-WIP, 2. Suede and leather flower brooch - Cherry ripe, 3. Cherry top, 4. Untitled, 5. crochet skirt, 6. lille_maus, 7. Minny Muu Baby Quilt, 8. Bolsa Envelope Cherry, 9. cherries jubilee pillow, 10. wool eater, 11. Sweet Cherry Pie Lola Apron, 12. Farmer's Market Fabric by Sandi Henderson, 13. Cherry Insa, 14. napkin with button cherries, 15. A colorful weekend!, 16. Anne Claire Petit crochet wide Stripe Fox Since I'm talking colour, be sure to visit oh, fransson! and wonder at the evolution of her amazing Paintbox quilt, here, here , here and here.  I will lose sleep tonight thinking about this quilt - so, so clever & inspiring! May your week be creative, Bloom.


  1. Thanks for so much colour on our first day of Autumn!

    And for the link to a colourful blog... WOW... I love her paintbox quilt!!

  2. Wow! THanks for including my Insa skirt! I adore all of the colors (and cherries) in your collage!

  3. Wow, this posting really is absolutely colorful - and it is wonderful, too.

    I really appreciate visiting your blog, it is always a pleasure to see, what wonderful things you have crafted.

    Best wishes,


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