Friday, 15 August 2008

What can you make of this?

Well, my husband would say, "A hat, a brooch or a pterodactyl". Hmmm, not so helpful! My littlest blossie has been home most of the week with an upset stomach & is in need of some cheering up. So I have a plan. Watch this space!


  1. Oh that's EXACTLY what MY husband would say!
    *rolls eyes*

  2. OOH I think I know what you are planning to make - she is GORGEOUS, I have that pattern tucked away for a rainy day too. Can't wait to see your next creation x Janelle

  3. Fantastic color and fabric combination, I'm excited, hope your littlest is getting better

  4. Love the fabric and ric rac...Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!! Cathyxx

  5. The fabric choices are so beautiful and anything that comes from them will be wonderful, undoubtedly.


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