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Monday, 11 August 2008

A is for apples & aprons

Playing with Mosaic Maker today when I should be doing a thousand other things! A little 'apple' & 'apron' inspired creative goodness: 1. Apples and Pears Kids Cafe Apron, 2. Autumn's Apple, 3. Valentine Apron, 4. Polkadotted apple, 5. Ginger blossom hostess apron, 6. Alexander Henry Apples Pears Fabric, 7. First Apple Blossom, 8. Aprons, 9. Emmeline apron, 10. Green Apron, 11. Barefoot Roses Apron, 12. 'the birds and the apple tree' fabric collage, 13. Apples, 14. emmeline apron reverse side with tie in back, 15. birdy_tree, 16. Technicolor Apron


  1. I'm glad you did not do the other thousand things, the maosaic with apples and aprons is beautiful!!! I love the polkadotted apple, the Alexander Henry Apple Pears Fabric (where can I buy that?!) and all the aprons! Your time was well spent ! :o))) Have a lovely week!

  2. Thanks for posting this link..I have been wondering where it came from...Now i can play with it too instead of stitching....Cheers Cathyxx

  3. Loving all your pictures and great to see that snow. We had just a little bit but hope we get more this week. Very exciting stuff.

  4. Oh so much lovliness here! I loving playing with the mosaic maker tool. Everything seems to look even prettier all put together like this.

  5. what a fabulously happy little mosaic. aprons and apples? what could be better?

  6. Such gorgeous 'Eye Candy', thanks for sharing it!
    Janelle N ;-)

  7. Ooh how lovely! Thanks for including my Apples & Pears Apron! Have just come over after receiving your messages on Flickr. Thanks for starting the group......


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