Thursday, 31 July 2008

Two precious hours

My enormous thanks to all you lovely girls for your birthday wishes yesterday. I may have left good friends behind when I moved town in January, but have made many more through blogging. It was very special to see message after message in my inbox last night - you all made my day!
This is the other fabric that jumped into my bag yesterday:
I have been wanting to make a more wintery version of the Janelle Wind 'Frilly Dilly' bag that I made recently. The stripe is screaming 'too bright' at me today, & yet yesterday it seemed so right! However, in an attempt to finish something ... ANYTHING! ... for Peg's Finish Five in July Challenge, I am going to make this bag up today, regardless, & hope it turns out alright! I have two hours before I have to collect the kids from school, so here goes ...


  1. Good luck with the bag.

  2. Gorgeous fabric! The strip goes really well.

  3. Sorry, that should read stripe LOL


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