Monday, 30 June 2008

Children, thou shalt appreciate the beauty of a flower!

We are a month into winter in Australia, yet even amidst the bleakness, there are tiny flickers of beauty in the local Botanic Gardens:
The tiny bells of correa, or Australian Native Fuchsia.
Beautiful hellebores, spring up from nowhere & nod elegantly in the late afternoon sun.
A truly amazing Garrya elliptica, or silk tassel bush drapes it's hanging flowers spectacularly.
And, as usually happens when we visit the Botanic Gardens, our walk ends here! A reasonable reward for the kids I suppose, considering their mother has forced botany lessons upon them all in the gardens! The things they have to put up with!


  1. Beautiful pictures.
    I love Hellebores. The sight of them flowering brightens my day when the Weslh weather is so foul.

    Love and hugs Gina xx

  2. Winter...and flowers...this amazes me...when I hear winter...It´s snow I see...*s* must be wonderful to have it like that!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your Gorgeous pics & glad you enjoyed your adventure.

  4. I just love those silk tassel flowers, wow, I only wish I could have a lot of them in my garden. Are they only white and how large does the bush get?

  5. WOW you shure know the names of your plants Lovely photos.
    Hugs Mary.

  6. Great photos I love the botanic gardens.

  7. The Silk Tassel Bush is a Beauty just so unusual in her flowering habit...

  8. Looks great I will definately have to check the gardens out next week when I am down that way again. The kids love the playground so it will be a definate visit as well!!!

  9. Hi: What lovely flowers - so nice to see what is growing in other places. Right now I have deep pink wild roses blooming in the ditch beside the road.
    Janet in Nova Scotia, Canada

  10. I love how you can say "amid the bleakness" and then show us the most beautiful flowers! That hanging one is divine. I have never see anything like that, and it seems to go on a long way. A few years ago I spent June in NSW and Queensland. I took my summer clothes from here and they worked perfect. Your summers must be something else!
    When I was 4-6 we lived in the Dominican Republic. My parents took us to the botanical gardens many times. I remember this huge clock made completely out of flowers, but I mostly remember this old timey train that would take you around the whole garden. If nothing else, at last they will remember the cool play ground with all the pretty flowers!
    And bundles around the house, Brilliant!


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