Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Unexpected famous person!

On arriving in Nundle last Friday we promptly headed out to Kerry's shop, Cottage on the Hill, for some desperately needed supplies - not! We walked through the door, and who should greet us but the lovely Janelle Wind! A few of us were commenting before the weekend on how fantastic it would be if Janelle were to come, being a good friend of Kerry's etc, but we decided that would just be too good to be true. Janelle is another well-established designer of Australian stitcheries & quilts. She previously designed under her label 'Simply Homespun' but has recently released a new range of patterns under 'The Janelle Wind Collection'. Her patterns are meticulously presented & she has a very fresh, uncluttered & modern style. Here she is, with Leanne Beasley & Rosalie Quinlan on either side.I have long been searching for a copy of Janelle's Frilly Dilly bag pattern. The search ended at Kerry's, closely followed by the purchase of suitable fabrics to make said bag!But the most exciting thing is that Janelle was on hand to help me choose the fabrics! We had a lovely time auditioning stripes & florals & spots & checks. She is a very warm & generous person, keen to help in any way. It was a delight to meet her. The fabrics are from an Australian range called 'A Day in the Country'. Janelle has used this range to make her new 'block-of-the-month' quilt which we were lucky enough to see 'in the flesh' at Kerry's shop. It is the most gorgeous thing - stitcheries & birdies & flowers, just beautiful. It will be released in shops soon.


  1. Hello Bloom.
    have been lurking the blogs from the nundle weekend, looks like you all had a great time, just wanted to comment on your fabrics for Janelle's bag, they are Gorgeous,looking forward to seeing the bag made up.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so humbled by your words. Thank you SO much. It was an absolute honour to meet you too and I loved choosing fabrics with you, it is one of my favourite things. I must confess I was a little nervous to meet all the 'blogger' girls that arrived together but there was NO need as you are all gorgeous. Thank you for being so welcoming of me too.

    I too can't wait to see your Frilly Dilly Bag made as well, your fabrics are stunning! xx Janelle

  3. Wasn't it a hoot to meet Janelle as well, she was so warm and friendly. (Another NORMAL blogger)
    Love your fabrics and can't wait to see it all made up.
    What a lovely comment from Janelle for you too.
    Hugs xx

  4. Hello
    Have a great quilting week
    Hugs from Norway:-))

  5. love the frilly dilly bag.............and the fabrics you choose to make it in.......Janelle is just lovely isn't she......

  6. The BOM quilt is so lively and beautiful.


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