Saturday, 26 April 2008

Dear Baby Jane blocks

Having a lovely, but challenging, time making up my Dear Baby Jane Blocks. Here are my latest:
B2 Sweet Tater Pie - Pinwheel blocks & I just don't seem to have a very good relationship. I'm darned if I can get them to meet perfectly in the middle! Think it is something about the way I press them. This one will have to do.
B12 Starflower - I'm very much enjoying these reverse appliqué blocks. They come together nicely. I used this method by fissiett.
B6 Wild Goose Chase - otherwise known as 'The Absolute Stinker' block or perhaps the 'So You Think You're Clever?' block! This one was tough. Anina said this is the 'advanced' block in Row B - yep! Armed with spray starch, Anina's method, and Wendy's method, I got there eventually. My daughter suggested I could make another in a different colour - she received a resounding "Not on your nellie"!
B5 Hot Cross Buns - a little more reverse applique. The sharp points on this block were a little tricky. Not convinced this one won't fray as the points are quite fragile.
Hello to the many women who are doing these Dear Baby Jane blocks & thank you for your lovely comments. I am up to date again thanks to your encouragement. Wonder if Anina has another 'stinker' block in store for us this week?!


  1. Hey Bloom..looking so good...6 sleeps...

  2. Your blocks look beautiful. I may need to remake my B-12 block the way that you made yours, I'm not happy with mine. But first I need to catch up on this week's blocks!

  3. Your blocks are lovely! I have the same doubts about B-5. I've seen it being pieced and may try that in my spare time. Hah!
    No more stinkers this week. I promise.

  4. I was thinking the same thing about B5, too. I hate having to do things twice, but the piecing method seems like it might hold up better.

  5. Your next blocks are beautiful and if you didn't tell us of your problems, we wouldn't have any idea.
    I'm glad you too have the "That will have to do" attitude.
    They are just gorgeous.

  6. Your blocks are comming together so nicely... I'm still waiting on my book in the post, hopefully it's hear this week some time... I don't know if I've already asked but are you going to Nundle for the girls day in the country this weekend??

    Jodie :)

  7. Your blocks are beautiful. My dream is to do a Baby Jane quilt, but I began a Silvias Bridal Sampler. So the Baby Jane has to wait :(.

  8. Love your blocks! Are you machine or hand piecing?

  9. Your blocks are so well done.

  10. Wow, your blocks look so good, I have to try to catch up this week.

  11. Love your Baby Jane blocks. They look great.


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