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Monday, 17 March 2008

The indulgence of stitching?

I am finding very little time to stitch at the moment - very frustrating. I keep falling into the trap of thinking the house must be tidy & life 'under control' before I can indulge in some stitching. Since the housework is never ending and our life is far from 'under control', it is little wonder I'm not getting to the sewing machine! I'd be happy to hear your best 'excuses' for finding time to sew - surely life has not reached such a frenetic pace that stitching time cannot be justified?


  1. It is 5:27 pm and since noon I have been - yet again - rearranging my craft room to try to reduce the chaos. I believe that if I can reduce the chaos, it will help me relax. But in truth, what REALLY relaxes me is stitching. Better to stitch than to clean, for it the sure way relaxation in a chaotic world.

  2. A clean house is a sign of a wasted life I say!

    love that stitching by the way.

  3. I do all my stitching in the evening in front of the TV. DH watches the History Channel or FoxNews and I can remove my spectacles and just listen and stitch away....

  4. The only time housework should come before needlework is in the dictionary. LOL Janine

  5. Oohhh... I must agree with you here... I feel horribly guilty if the housework isn't done before I start crafting. I guess I look at crafting as an indulgence, a reward after a hard days work... :)


  6. I often do crafting BEFORE I do housework, because crafting gives me energy to do the boring things! So I don't think you should feel guilty when you're giving yourself some qualitytime (read sewingtime!)!

  7. I agree with Donna - a clean house is a sign of a wasted life!!! I stitch when I want to stitch, my lot have learnt to live with the dust! When Mum's happy, everyone's happy!!
    Enjoy your stitching and dont feel guilty.

  8. I'm not sure where I found this poem but I thought it was great.

    My neighbour is washing her windows
    and scrubbing and mopping her floors but my house is all topsy-turvy and dust's behind all the doors.

    My neighbour, she keeps her house spotless and she goes all day at a trot,but no-one will know in a fortnight if she swept today or not.

    The task I'm doing is enticing,
    (my poor neighbour is worn like a rag)I am making a quilt out of pieces I've saved in a pretty chintz bag.

    Oh, and this quilt, I know my descendants will exhibit with pride in their hearts, "It is lovely, my grandmother made it,such an example of patience and art."

    But will her grandchildren remember
    all her struggles with dirt and decay? They will not - they'll wish she had made them a quilt like I'm making today.

  9. I am thinking just like you and the result of course no sewing.

  10. I share your frustration, I to feel the need for a clean and tidy house. So far my solution has been to make Monday's my major cleaning day, then the rest of the week, my mornings are spent in my sewing room, and the afternoons are for general tidy and errands. My evenings are for stitching, where I spend time with my husband as he snoozes in front of the television. So far this has worked for me, and I do feel more productive ( sometimes). Good luck in finding a solution that will work for you.

  11. Oh dear I do feel for you, it seems that as wives and mothers we feel the need to have a spic and span home and this doesn't mean I like to live in a mess, because I don't. I do enjoy being able to open my front door to invite guests into a clean and tidy house, but there needs to be a balance. I do the majority of my housework on one day, and as there is only dh and myself that leaves the rest of the week to stitch. Like others I do my handwork in the evenings in front of the tv, while hubby either watches or snoozes.
    I would much rather be remembered for the quilts and embroideries I've created than for a clean and tidy house and no time to enjoy the gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed me with. I'm sure you'll find what works best for you, but remember time spent doing something you love overflows to your home and your family.

  12. it is beautifull , no problem i love!!

  13. Pulling Up long enough from the Daily To Do List is just the hardest thing for me But... Oh so sweet when I finally have needle & thread in hand - Bliss! Luv your little Bluebirds *Way Cute.

  14. I stitch while I wait for those "Cleaning Fairies" to show up. So far they haven't ....but it could happen. Mean while I am getting alot of stitching done!

  15. These are lovely designs you keep doing. Beautiful!


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