Monday, 10 March 2008

Bloomin' lucky, that Bloom!

My first 'pleasure' parcel in the post at our new house arrived today (up until now it has been all bank statements & legal correspondence). The lovely Annie from Flower Garden sent me a surprise parcel in celebration of her 100th post - very exciting! She sent a gorgeous bag, made with a lovely soft red, floral fabric & it even has a pocket inside (high on the priority list amongst the girls in our household)! And the bag was filled with special treats: an Australian quilting magazine, some cute little pansy napkins & two cards made from photos of Annie's beautiful garden. I am bloomin' lucky aren't I?! Thank you Annie for your generosity & willingness to send a parcel off to a virtual stranger - you made my day.


  1. Lovely blogging friends. Love the bag.

  2. I do agree with your title.
    Such a lovely parcel. Beautiful bag and special things inside.
    Blogging is fun isn't it.

  3. Glad it arrived safely. You are a gardener and a sewer, so I don't know what you mean a virtual stranger. It was my pleasure to share these things with you.

  4. That are the right words "bloomin´lucky"

  5. Gorgeous gifts. Thanks for the nice comments. The red pincushion was a Picaninni Patchwork design called "Redwork Pincushions".

  6. you are so lucky to receive this lovely present from Annie she is so lovely and I was waiting to see what you received.......


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