Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Any ideas?

A little while ago at a local quilting expo, I picked up these pieces of gorgeousness at the bargain price of $2 a fat quarter. This was the day I met Chookyblue in person and I have her entirely to thank for these Amy Butler treasures. She was standing next to a basket of them when we were introduced and it went something like, "Oh hello Bloom, nice to meet you - will you look at this? Amy Butler FQs for $2"!! An instant friend!I have always loved Amy Butler but have never been quite brave enough to use her fabrics in quilting as the prints are so large scale. But at $2 I figured it was worth a try. But what to do with them? I feel I need a design with at least some really large pieces so as not to lose the style of her fabrics. Oh how I love them - fresh & happy, perfect for a cheerful Australian summer quilt. Would love to hear what you would do with them.


  1. Such pretty fabrics, if you go to Amy's site, you'll see that she has a few free quilt designs using, of course her fabrics. These may help you with some ideas.

  2. First pattern I'm thinking of is Leanne B pattern "Don't forget the chocolate". It's using big pieces of fabric.

  3. So that's were they all went!!!!
    I too managed to get just a couple, thought there must have been a few looking at the great bargin.

  4. I have no ideas! but they look lovely.

  5. for the third computer does not like me.........

    finally getting the blame for something to meet over material and a bargain how good is that.........

  6. Rebekah Amy's quilt by Rosalie Quinlan would be great too!

  7. Hi - love your blog - have you seen the patterns called "Turning twenty" and also "Turning Twenty Again" ?? They use fat quarters, and would look lovely for those yummy Amy Butler fabrics. Also, like in a previous comment, you can download some freebies from the Amy Butler site which are really gorgeous!!

  8. I received a catalogue from Hancocks at Paducha today (in a parcel of fabric) they have pictures of this range and a picture of a quilt which appears to be made up like bricks. I will bring it on Thursday night.

  9. Hi

    they are lovely fabrics.

    I found a great, quick freebie pattern here-

    might be what you're looking for?


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