Monday, 12 November 2007

Have I mentioned my Bareroots fetish?

Oooh, I was really happy with this one too. I made this for the 2005 Club Quilt Christmas swap. It is a Bareroots design from a Country Threads magazine published a few years ago. Photos of this one aren't great. I remember being in a raging panic trying to get it finished in time, so the photos were taken hurriedly before heading off to our dinner together. There are three embroidered & appliqued heart panels, lots of pockets, and an embroidered band around the top. The handle was supposed to be embroidered too, but I ran out of time & opted for my favourite handles mentioned in the last post! I loved the little hearts attached to the end of the drawstrings. Hmmm, it was hard to give this one away! Always intended to make a second one for myself, but of course, it hasn't happened!


  1. Great bag, love the fabrics you used, and as for Bareroots, I have to admit I'm a huge fan as well.

  2. I have a lot of Bareroots patterns (I love them too) but I've never seen this pattern. The bag is so cute. Looks like it is big??

  3. That bag is great, lucky member who got it.

  4. I love it...the hearts are so cute...


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