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Monday, 17 December 2007

An old-fashioned beauty

Our snail creeper (Vigna caracalla) is flowering profusely. I have this planted on an entrance arbour to our house. It is highly fragrant & delicious to walk beneath. It is an old fashioned plant, not common in gardens these days. It is easy to grow from seed if you can find some. The flowers are a wondrous shape, curling about like snail shells, in beautiful pearly cream & stunning purple shades. As the flowers age, they become a golden colour. The only disadvantage of this stunning plant it that it attracts millions of ants. Walking beneath it comes with the peril of ants dropping on your head! Aaaah, it's worth a few ants in your hair!


  1. Well worth the ants, it is gorgeous!
    Love the presents as well..and the one you made was perfect. Your friend leanne thinks like me, except I used those nancy oanels for gift bags, they are beautiful, Tracey

  2. What a stunning plant, hope the ants aren't green ants, they sting.

  3. beautiful........I have seen this before my friend has one they are prescious

  4. Absolutly beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen this plant. I'm going to look up some more information on it right now.

  5. Wow this is sooo beautiful, thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn about it.

  6. Amazing! I've never seen this plant before. It's fascinating with all those curly petals and the colours.

  7. Wow what a cute flower :) You had a great blog and I´ll visit you more..You had done lovley quiltwork

    Take care!


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