Wednesday, 7 November 2007

What girl doesn't love a bargain?

I am lucky enough to live 'within a stone's throw' of one of Australia's largest rose growers. Every couple of years, they have an enormous 'nursery door' clearance of their roses at 'next to nothing' prices. I bought this little rose at their latest sale & it is called 'Jumpin' Jack'. It is NOT by David Austin! I won't confess the extent to which I otherwise indulged at the sale, except to say that I found a little stash of French Delbard roses in one corner that I could not resist, & am waiting eagerly for their first blooms.


  1. Hello Ros just love your blog the roses are just beautiful your garden must smell delicious. I think we need to have a quilting day out in your garden oh hang on only if you can keep the dreaded flys away ha ha !!! anyway keep up the great bloging so I can keep up with what you are up to. Gai P

  2. Ros, love your bargains, pity i don't live closer so I could go rose shopping with you, that would be fun


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