Thursday, 1 November 2007

Road trip

Went for a drive today to my favourite fabric shop & merchant of all things beautiful. The owner has recently moved location. She and her husband (and family and friends and anyone else she could coerce!) have renovated an old, rundown building in town into a beautiful retail space - light & airy with lots of original, pressed tin details. Just lovely.

There are colour coordinated displays of garments & accessories ...

A wonderful array of homewares ...

And of course the highlight for me is the quilting & stitchery section of the shop: The owner is a talented craftswoman, and has a range of original stitching & patchwork designs. I am convinced she lives on no sleep - I don't know how she manages such an amazing business & finds time to design as well. It is always a treat to visit her shop.


  1. wow the shop looks great...beautiful as always...I haven't got to go over since she moved buildings.........

  2. Wow! it looks great, where is this?
    Love how everything is colour co-ordinated.

  3. These pictures are great, the color coordinations are beautiful.


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