Friday, 26 October 2007

What's in the mail today?

Ooh, look what has just arrived in the mail. I can feel a coffee & a read coming on. Really should go and finish the BAS. Hmmm, coffee or BAS - tough choice. Coffee is smelling good. delicious magazine is, in my opinion, the best foodie magazine in Australia. They have a great website here. (For international readers, a BAS is a Business Activity Statement, a statement of income & expenditure required by our taxation office each quarter - fun, fun, fun!)


  1. As I work from home, this is the problem I have everyday.
    BAS or Sewing
    BAS or Craft Magazine
    BAS or Dr Phil & Oprah
    BAS or ..........
    Then the thought of no money comes to mind and I get back to work.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. I have to do my BTW (VAT) today! Third quarter 2007. All week it has been VAT or sewing, VAT or reading, VAT or Dr Phil and Oprah, but now it’s VAT or else I will receive a penalty.
    I love the Delicious Magazine too. We can buy it overhere as well.

  3. Hi, welcome to blogland, I've been very busy all week so hadn't had a chance to drop by, I LOVE your rose photos, they look so healthy, they are my second favourite flower after the Clematis, they propbably wouldn't grow very well out your way. I look forward to keeping an eye on what you are up to.


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