Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Warning - reptile photos following ...

Just to prove I am not all ‘puff & wind’ about the strawberry jam making, here is the evidence! Sweet & luscious & not good at all for the waistline. I was explaining to devliegendekoe in an email that I am competing with the blue tongue lizards for the strawberries. They are our major strawberry ‘predator’, and we share with them willingly. They are beautiful, passive creatures. The best they can do, when under threat, is to poke out their amazing blue tongue at you. I am always relieved when a rustle in the grass turns out to be a blue tongue, and not the less beautiful, less passive, and very deadly common eastern brown snake! Thankfully, I have only come across one of the latter so far this season. (The reptile photographs are not mine. They came from here and here. I can only photograph flowers – they don’t hiss!)


  1. Hi, Have found your blog from Lyn at Moore Patchwork, I love the look of that jam, it has given me some inspiration as I too have an old breadmaker. Now if only the strawberries will grow!

  2. Now I understand the competition with the blue tongue lizzards! Yummy strawberry jam!

  3. Glad you got some of the strawberries and thank goodness the snakes don't like them. I would have to let them have them.

  4. Yes I can handle sharing the garden with the Blue Tongues but certainly not the brown snakes, they make me shiver just looking at the photo, enjoy the strawberry jam, it looks yummy.

  5. I would be giving up whatever it is they want i'm telling you right now!!!! YIKES!!!! I'd be trying Smuckers Jam for sure!!! LOL


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