Monday, 22 October 2007

Frilly frou frou

Like Chooky Blue, I too purchased Natalie Ross' gorgeous bag pattern called 'Isabella's Day Out'. My Mum & I spent some 'quality time' together last week, a sewing day of course, and whizzed this version up. Well, 'whizzed' is probably not quite the right word - it did take us all day - but we were well pleased with it in the end. The next one will be much quicker!


  1. this is a great bag and our taste must be similiar......a great bag although my first attempt has no frill.......

  2. Welcome to blogland Bloom. Love your bag, at first glance I thought the striped fabric was ruched (sp), very pretty.

  3. Love the colours and pattern of this little bag.

  4. magnifique ton sac!!! j'adore!!! amitiés. mamina

  5. Cher Mamina,
    Merci beaucoup. Je suis très excité à recieve un message dans le français. J'ai appris le français depuis six ans à l'école, mais c'était il y a 25 ans! Je peux lire le français beaucoup mieux que je peux l'écrire. Excusez mes erreurs s'il vous plaît.
    Égards gentils,

  6. WOW Bloom I just love the choice of fabrics for your bag. I missed this post and Janelle told me about it so I just had to rush on over and take a peek. "Beautiful" just "Beautiful" Thankyou for purchasing my pattern.

    Together "In Stitches"

    Nat xx


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