Monday, 6 October 2014

The songstress

Our youngest daughter Olivia loves to sing. She always has, from the time she was first conscious that she had a voice! Here she is at age four:

The girl with the cheeky grin has grown into a strongly creative and pensive soul. Her voice and her love for music and song has grown with her. At the age of 13, singing makes her happy, and she expresses herself through writing songs. As it happens, she is still hanging about in deciduous trees! 

Our local music store is running a competition called 'The Next Big Thing' and Olivia has entered. One of the songs she performed is her own composition. The winners are determined by popular vote, so please consider voting for our sweet girl (Olivia Mirrington). The truly dedicated (i.e. her mother!) can vote every twelve hours up until 26th October. There are some very talented young performers to vote for, so make yourself a drink, pull up a chair and check them out. 


  1. Done! I'll keep popping back and will keep my fingers crossed for her!

  2. thats sounds just beautiful Liv.........goodluck.........

  3. Wow that was so fun to listen to her sing. She got my vote. Best Wishes Olivia. Janita

  4. She's incredible! I'll vote for her!


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