Sunday, 8 July 2012


My daughter remains unwell, and part of her treatment involves getting some exercise. Of course, my favourite place to walk is the local Botanical Gardens. 
Our walk served as exercise for the blossie, and a bit of solace for me.
Being a cloudy winter's day, the gardens were quiet,
and the chairs were empty. It was lovely to have the place to ourselves.
My daughter is well and truly accustomed to being dragged around gardens, and tolerates me crawling through garden beds to take photos. She tolerates me laying on my belly to get a shot of mossy pavers or getting up close and personal with tree bark.
She tolerates, but doesn't quite understand, my enthusiasm for plants.
She tolerates me educating her with botanical names of this, that and the other.
And, with a minimum of eye-rolling, copes when I exclaim how beautiful something is, even in its dormant winter state.
And just occasionally, when her guard is down, she yells out with a modicum of excitement, "Mum, look at this!" I came running to share her find: a gorgeous red, spotted mushroom, worthy of any girl's fairyland.

The blossie, despite my efforts to distract her (!), remains unwell. She has constant abdominal pain and headaches and has missed a lot of school. We have had what seems like every diagnostic test known to man, and the problem remains unresolved.   More test results should be available soon, so we'll see what this week holds.


  1. Oh, you must be so worried about your daughter! I am glad the red toadstool brought some small joy to your (and her) day! Your photos are wonderful!

  2. I hope you get some answers soon, it must be so frustrating for everyone. i wish I could help.

  3. Best of luck in finding some answers. Hope your daughter is well again soon.

    Lovely photos. Thanks for showing us. :)

  4. Hope something (minor) comes to light with the results. Lovely collection of photos. Some of my children have become cunning and try to convince me to take them to one place or another they have in mind by concluding that I would be able to take some good photos there!

  5. I'm sure it must be hard for both of you while she is ill, but she sure will appreciate all the knowledge you are passing down about the flowers and plants!! Someday she will more than tolerate that info...she will be grateful for it!! Good luck to you both...

  6. I hope your daughter is feeling better soon and that you get some answers ... Must be so frustrating for you as a mother .
    Botanical gardens looks like a lovely place for a walk :)

  7. beautiful's great when your kids amuse you and nod and comment at appropriate times..........

    Hope the kiddo is on the mend very soon......

  8. Phooey, I was hoping she would be well on the way to mended by now. I really hope they figure out what's going on so she is feeling better soonest. Lovely photos, as usual. I understand your need to lie down on the ground, I often embarrass my children in this manner too!

  9. :( THere is nothing so frustrating as the medical world not being able to figure out what is wrong with you. I sure hope they find something soon. What a wonderful gift to have the botanical gardens to yourselves. A piece of paradise to enjoy. :)

  10. Oh I feel your pain - you seem to have been trying different things for a while now - how frustrating. I am sure that walk was good for the soul even if it didn't help the body.

  11. I keep pointing out how beautiful our part of the world is to my teenage boys. Sadly, i dont think it will be until they have moved away from home and are in a cramped city unit somewhere that they will appreciate all that I have been telling them!!
    I too am disappointed that there have been no medical answers for you. I keep my fingers crossed for you both :)

  12. Yes, so sorry that your daughter is unwell.....sometimes doctors get tunnel could be something like allergies, just causing symptoms that one is not used to seeing.......

    Best to you both.

    Thanks for sharing, gloria g. South Carolina

  13. Hi Bloom,
    I'm sorry to hear that your daughter is unwell and hope she feels better soon. I had quite a few health problems myself throughout school and it took my doctors around 3 months to diagnose me, so I can certainly sympathize with your frustrations.
    I love your garden photography, the botanical garden looks like a a wonderful place to wander through - very calming.

    P.S. It says from Jo, but I am posting through my mum's blog

  14. Sending our love to you and your daughter. I do hope she gets better soon and you find out the reason. My niece has a blood/iron problem that has taken years for my sister to find out a diagnosis. It took a long time but they have not found a cure but have found how to live with it. So hard for children to maintain normality. xx


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